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Gaziantep attracts attention with its history and natural beauties, as well as the number of museums, Gaziantep is quite satisfying its visitors in terms of attractions. "Gazi", one of the oldest cities still in the world, will be enjoyable by visiting the historical buildings, museums and natural beauties on the list of attractions we have prepared for you in the city. Can. Things to do in Gaziantep Blog Forum Onedio sour What to eat historical places and natural beauties 

Gaziantep List of attractions

Thanks to its food culture, history and nature, Gaziantep is one of the most visited cities of our country and you can easily reach many of the attractions using public transportation. In addition to experiencing the culture and history of the region, you can enjoy swimming in the river and find the freshest and nature of agricultural products from the markets.

Best 50 place..

With its cultural richness, historical artifacts, natural beauties, geography, rich cuisine and shopping opportunities, we have compiled Gaziantep for you to be a complete tourism paradise. If you want to see places to eat in Gaziantep you can click on this link.

The top 50 things to do in Gaziantep

1.          Almaci Market

Natural and local products such as spices, tomato paste, pistachio, cheese are here in Gaziantep. You must stop by.

Almaci Market

2.          Archaeological Museum

Different 1752 pieces of mosaic panels, sculptures and Steller are exhibited in the ancient city of Zeugma. It's also the world's largest mosaic museum. Entry 5 TL.

Gaziantep Archaeological Museum

3.          Ataturk Commemoration Museum

From the moment you step inside the door, you're full of excitement. A museum where you can be informed about the history of Gaziantep's national struggle and liberation.

Ataturk Commemoration Museum Gaziantep

4.          Bayazhan Gaziantep City Museum

Gaziantep is a beautiful museum where you can understand the culture, history and texture as a summary.

Bayazhan City Historical MuseumThings to do in Gaziantep Blog Forum Onedio sour What to eat historical places and natural beauties

5.          Dulukbaba Nature Park

The places that come to mind when it comes to picnics in Antep. If you have a barbecue, you are directly here…

Dulukbaba Nature Park

6.          Emine Göğüş Culinary Museum

An informative museum where you can recognise the city's culinary culture and wealth.

Emine Göğüş Gaziantep Culinary Museum

BC          Gaziantep Botanical Garden

You will have a pleasant walk between the flowers with your family, your loved ones and with them, and a lot of groomers and brides. You have to go especially in the spring.

Gaziantep Botanical Garden

8.          Zoo

Families with children can go for a stroll. I don't really like zoos.

Gaziantep Zoo

9.          Gaziantep Castle

You can watch the city from high and learn how the city gets the Gazi title. Panoramic Museum. If you read all the articles, it may take 2 hours to travel the castle.

Gaziantep Castle

10.        Gaziantep Hamam Museum

The historical Pasha bath was restored and turned into a museum. The reenactions and restoration are very successful. You must stop by.

Gaziantep Hamam Museum-

11.        Gaziantep Toy Museum

The cute museum where the elders are also children. Very enjoyable and fun to visit. Miss.

12.        Gaziantep War Museum

It must be visited. You can even take a stroll and recommend it to those around you. Let them have a tour. You will once again understand how our ancestors won this homeland in difficult conditions. May Allah bless them.

War Museum

13.        Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Definitely the best museums in Turkey to visit. Once the artifacts were discovered in the land and in the water, these pieces were brought together individually. What a great effort, isn't it? Even when you think about it, you're fascinated.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

14.        Customs Inn

It was built in 1870 by Hacı Ömer Efendi as Passenger inn. The basement warehouse and the barn used to be the top floor hotel. You can take a trip to the past and have a good time with a Dibek coffee.

Historical Customs Inn

15.        Hasan Suzer Ethnography Museum

A museum that has a very good way of describing the items, instruments and their lifestyles used by people living in Gaziantep in the past. And the Karagul series is being taken here.

Hasan Suzer Ethnography Muzesi

16.        Kavaklık Park

The sports center of Antep. Everyone's here for a walk.

Kavaklık Park

17.        Liberation Mosque

This used to be a church. It was later transformed into a mosque, so it has an interesting structure.

Kurtulus Mosque

18.        Fairy tale Park

Great theme park. Your children will love it here. There is also a science house right next to the park.

Fairy tale Park

19.        Medusa Glass Works Museum

It is the first Glass Works Museum in Turkey. Perfume, tear vials, glass and baked clay amphoras, glass cups and glass bracelets are exhibited in the Roman and Islamic periods.

Medusa Glass Works Museum

20.        Greek Fortress

Located in the Nizip district of Gaziantep. If you go to Nizip you can make a panoramic tour with the boats located in the Lake Birecik Dam.

Greek Fortress

9.        Sanko Park Shopping Center

It's a great place to shop. And the Anteplers ' Rendezvous point.

22.        Sefer Pasa Mansion

If you are going to visit the city centre, you should also explore this place and make a short trip. Very close to the castle.

11.        Olive Han

Olive oil, soap, a thousand kinds of spices can be found in the olive Han.

Olive Han

24.        Historical Millet Inn

In 1562, the period was built by the Grand Vizier Lala Mustafa Pasha. You can come here and drink menengic coffee, listen to live music and watch the baklava making live.

Historical Millet Inn

25.        Historical Tahmis Coffee

Menengic is the most accurate address for drinking coffee and hookah. This authentic place has been standing up since the 1600s.

Tahmis Coffee

26.        Historical chained Bedesten

It's one of the nicest places to get a gift. MALL of the old.

Historical chained Bedesten

27.        Tobacco Inn

A must-have for Antep trip. The…

Tobacco Inn

28.        Bakircılar Bazaar

Rare beauties. It's a pleasure to stroll through the hammer sounds of the Masters.

Bakircılar Bazaar

29.        Tomb of Yusha Prophet

While speaking to Antep, you can visit the tomb of Hazrat Yusha and read a Fatiha to his soul.

Hazrat Yusa Prophet and Pir Sefa Hz Tours

30.        Gaziantep Bazaar

The old bazaar of the city.

Gaziantep Bazaar

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