Ankara Nightlife Pavilions Prices

Nightlife in Ankara
Ankara’s nightlife is famous enough to create its own trend. The nights of Ankara Air, the city’s modern entertainment centres and the Rock bars, which are more young, shape the night life of Ankara. If you want to have fun at night in Ankara or have a drink with a quiet music, you have many alternatives. We listed the best night venues in Ankara.

Jolly Joker
Carrying the alternative voices of Turkish rock and pop music to the stage, JJ was opened in 2011 as an ambitious concert venue.

Address: Kavaklıdere MH. Kizilırmak Sk. No: 14, Kızılay

Tel: 0 312 424 1111

If Performance Hall
Ankara’s concert venue… With brick walls and stylish bar, the heart of live music beats here. Follow the program.

Address: Kavaklıdere Cd. Tunisia CAD. 14/A, Cankaya

Tel: 0 312 418 95 06

Dream Coffee
Ankara branch of Istanbullu Coffee is also performing good groups of both the city and Turkey. There’s a table arrangement in the place where the food is not bad.

Address: Tepe Prime Eskisehir State Road No: 266

Tel: 0 312 284 29 25

Voodoo Blues Bar
The performance of the stage groups and the ambiance of the environment must be visited. The friendly atmosphere and the garden also adds a distinct beauty. If you love Blues, this is your place in Ankara nightlife.

Address: Kavaklıdere Mh. Kennedy Cd. No: 4, Cankaya

Tel: 0 552 234 6412

There is live pop music downstairs and a club section on the upper floor where you can listen to DJ performances. Plus, the entries are free on Friday nights.

Address: Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mh. 2864 Cd. Alatory Park Villas, 36/B, Cankaya

Tel: 0 312 240 94 94

Passage Pub
Another of Ankara’s vibrant alternative music venues. It is very crowded on weekends, but in a pleasant, quiet bar in the weekday. A place with talented names from Fatima Spar to Can Bonomo.
Address: Bayindir Sokak, No: 7, Kızılay

Tel: 0 312 433 97 99

It is one of the most fashionable venues in Ankara with its capacity of 800 people and the performances of famous DJS, as well as interesting decorations and shows. JW Mariott Hotel’s on-site venue also makes a difference with its VıP lodges and private services.

Address: Kizilırmak Mah. | No: 1 Söğütözü

Tel: 0 312 248 88 88

Smart Bar
The best quality bar for those who want to listen to Turkish pop music in Ankara. This place, which is appreciated by people of all ages, is becoming crowded especially after midnight. It is only useful to know, and the quality of live music and refreshments is reflected in the prices.

Address: Reşit Galip Cd. No: 88, Cankaya

Tel: 0 312 437 9063

The North Shield Pub
It is a good choice for those looking for a typical and authentic pub atmosphere. Let’s remind him it’s open until 01:00.

Address: Bilkent hotel lobby Floor, Bilkent

Tel: 0 312 266 44 34

The Soul Pub
The Soul Pub is the address of a cheap place in Ankara, a very attractive place with its cool atmosphere.

Address: Kavaklıdere Mh. Olgunlar Cd. No: 18, Cankaya

Tel: 0312 424 0144

Ankara Night Kingdom
The capital of Turkey and the second most populated city of Ankara, who want to travel to the province, especially the young population is one of the most interested in the subject of night life. Night life in Ankara province is very colourful and vibrant. Students are the beginning of the element that provides this vitality.

Because Ankara is a student city, thousands of students are going to the nightclub and party venues. Ankara needs to know that the people who seek entertainment in the night life are the address of the fun times of Friday and Saturday until the mornings. Since many officers live in Ankara, which is known as the city of civil servants, there is a huge increase in the occupancy of the venues these days when the weekend permits.

While it will be possible to find clubs and bars for all sorts of fun, it is a place where those wishing to spend a night with raki can meet these wishes, Ankara. The most preferred night entertainment of the Ankarans is drinking raki accompanied by the chapter. To spend a beautiful night in Ankara, there are chances of choice in line with their budgets. It is noteworthy that there are more places where prices are applied to normal standards as well as luxury venues. The reason for this is that there are more students who participate in the venues.

45 Bar:
The 45 Bar, which has been in existence for 22 years; It is known as an address that the 60 ‘s, 70 ‘s, and the 80 ‘s have not given up. The first branch was located in Istanbul Beyoğlu and then started to grow by opening branches in Ankara and Izmir. In addition to the posters of yesilçam stars on the walls for its decoration, it is possible to see posters of musicians who have left traces in the world of music as well as artists with traces in Turkey. This bar, which includes photos of their teenage years or newspaper fragments, provides a great intensity for the enjoyment of its customers.

It is possible to remember the works that have faced the disappearance and return to the old times thanks to the 45 Bar, which offers the chance to experience the most beautiful feelings to be experienced with the plaques. In addition to being a bar, there is a situation where visitors start to become regulars, and then bring their acquaintions and raise the family. The structure and air of this bar is quite remarkable because it resembles nowhere else. In addition to its entertaining and varied style, it is also a must-try special cocktail at the bar, which offers its customers a drink menu.

Address: Skopje Cd (Çevre Sk) No: 2 06400 Cankaya, Ankara
Phone: 0312 466 4500

Zeki Bar: Located in Çankaya, Zeki Bar is among the bars preferred by Turkish music and those who want to enjoy the fun. In general, the young population has been known to prefer Western music in recent years. This bar is a remarkable place where people who are experiencing otherwise can meet the wishes of having fun with the beautiful and unique Turkish pieces. It also offers the possibility of a great experience for those who want to listen to beautiful songs and dance with these songs. It would be advisable for people who prefer this place to enjoy their drink preferences in the night of the fun last Ankara.

Address: Reşit Galip Cd. 88/1, Çankaya 06700 ANKARA, TURKEY
Phone: 0312 437 9063

Casino Megashov:
The options for people travelling to Ankara are not limited to bars only. The best option to be preferred is the Megashov casino, given that those who want to experience the pavilion in Ankara will want to try it without forgetting during their travels. It is possible to spend enjoyable moments on Fridays and Saturdays, which are entertainment time for Ankara. While it is possible to choose one of these tables because of the presence of a table layout by the stage, there is also a chance to choose from the lodges that are seeing the scene directly. Those who will go to the venue in 2 or 3 people are advised to choose from the tables. More crowded groups seem to be eligible to choose the lodge for both price and convenience. We also need to determine that there is no parking problem for this casino.
Address: Anittepe, Ankara

GARAJ55: Another address that anyone who wants to enjoy the night life in Ankara is Garaj55. It is often encountered that visitors who visit this place have a unique food content and want to come here many times. It is possible to have a pleasant conversation with their friends in the night life with coffee choices, those who do not prefer alcohol in the nightlife, besides their coffees. In addition, with the choice of alcohol, people are becoming the focal point for pleasant night-time requests, the place is very preferred because of the friendly attitude of business owners and employees. This venue, which is complete with car collections and décor, is recommended to taste the burgers from the visitors. This space, which has an average price range, seems to be one of the remarkable sides of the place, offering better quality options than its counterparts.

Address: Çankaya, Maiden Tower Sk., 06610 Cankaya/Ankara
Phone: 0312 446 0066

Golden Pub:
The Golden Pub, one of the places that can be preferred for the purpose of evaluating the nightlife in Ankara, is often known as a frequented venue for students. In this place, which has the opportunity to play billiards in the past years, a surprise awaits those who want to enjoy the games while enjoying the night life. This surprise is where the darts play area is located. In general, the bar is only selected for this reason and there is also a garden. But this garden is looking at the back fronts of the buildings and gives a carefree appearance. It should be noted that the people who come here should know that they will not be in trouble with prices, but should not be in anticipation of a luxury service.
Address: Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi 112/D Barbaros, Çankaya, Ankara
Phone: 0312 427 15 25

It is accepted that the students who are travelling to Ankara for the purpose of traveling or to read in this city are in a request to enjoy the nightlife in places that reflect their wishes. The best thing about living a city is to experience what the city looks like and what it has to offer at night. Ankara’s day-reflecting officer City faces a unique experience with nightlife, and people’s thoughts will be positively influenced by the city. During certain periods, it is recommended to review the Ankara concert calendar as part of the activities that will be available for those in this city. Ankara Saklıkent Stage is known for hosting famous names and groups. And it should be remembered that the people who follow the concert calendar can add a more unique side to their holidays by evaluating the concert options that are appropriate for their wishes in the time period in the city.

It will also be necessary to mention that the price of the general set of concerts is being applied. In the evenings showing the different sides of the capital, it is interesting to be able to accompany the songs of the beloved group or singers live. Visitors who want to experience the nightlife in Ankara can travel to Ankara immediately by purchasing Ankara aircraft ticket from our site.

Have fun!

When to go to Ankara?
In Ankara, the capital of Turkey, there is a situation where different climates can be felt with the territorial climate prevailing. In the northern part of the city, the softness of the Black Sea climate is felt, while the steppe climate in the southern region is quite clear. If you are accustomed to living in the sea area, the air of Ankara will come very dry. Since Ankara has a terrestrial climate, its winters are very harsh. Snowfall can be seen in January, while it is possible to see degrees below 0 in the winter months.

The coldest months in Ankara are often known as the months of December, January and February. Although the rains are not very often seen, the dry cold can cause you to be quite cold. Ankara weather conditions can vary in season normality. While summers in the city are quite hot, the hottest months are July and August.

When can you go to Ankara in our country where we can live all four seasons? The answer to the question is September and October with the months of April and May. You can live to the end of spring in the city, but you can also see every color of autumn. Although it is somewhat sad to watch the leaves of the trees when nature falls asleep, Ankara; It is a city where the unique air must be inhaled. In the spring season, it is priceless to witness the saying of nature’s greetings. You will be able to visit the great leader Atatürk.

Good trip!

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